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  • For 26 years my father Ennio, "Andy " Lieggi bought meat, poultry, tiramisu, and other things from Dutchie! In those years I boned out legs of veal, made chicken and beef broth with it's bones! Cleaned the membrane of the silver skin of boneless chicken and tenderlion! Gave the order for delivery and signed the checks! His prices are by week, not daily thats how you judge how to buy! You give credit where credit is due and when you get sausage you tell them I got it thanks to Dutchie, not someone else! Dutchie has been like a father to me and his sons like brothers that's what makes relationships last! I owe him the fact that if the veal was not good I would not of received the tip for work well done!
    Peter: Ewing, NJ - formerly Lieggi's Ewing Manor
  • So happy we found this place! The sandwich steaks and burgers are out of this world and it is always a great value. Just glad I have the freezer space. I will be there this morning at 7AM getting ready for an awesome weekend with friends and family and great food! You guys ROCK!!!!
    Doug: Ewing, NJ
  • I have used Dutchs about 5 times already and I have been blown away with priceing and qaulity. Great people to as well.
    Craig, North Brunswick, NJ

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