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  • BEEF

    • Cowboy,and Deluxe Steaks

      Cut in any size

    • Flat Iron Steaks

      Cut in any size

    • Beef Julianne

      (Beef cut into strips)

    • Beef Patties

      4-1, 5-1, 5oz, 6-1, 6oz, 7oz, 8-1, 8oz

    • Black Angus Burgers

      Any Size Available


    • Airline Breast

      Frenched Breast

    • Chicken breasts and Thighs

      Available Bone in or Skinless Boneless

    • Party Wings

      Available in Regular or Jumbo

    • Whole Chickens

      3 Pound, 4 Pound and Perdue

    • Chicken Steaks

      Any Size Available

  • VEAL

    • Veal Patties

      Breaded Veal Patties

    • Leg Veal

      Bones Out, Timmed, Boned, Seamed

    • Veal Rib Chops

      Loin, cut any size

    • Veal Cutlets

      Hip Cutlets or Nature Veal

    • Veal Bones

      Knuckle, Mixed, Neck

  • PORK

    • Pork Chops

      Boneless, Center Cut, Frenched, Smoked

    • Fresh Ham

      With Bone or Boned Out

    • Porkloin

      Boned Out, Boneless Center Cut, Premium Cut Any Size

    • Pork Roll

      Trenton, Hatfield, Cloverdell, Case

    • Ribeez

      Pre-Cooked Pork Shanks

  • LAMB

    • Lamb Loins

      0 x 0 Boneless Lamb Loins

    • Lamb Racks

      Frenched and Imported New Zealand

    • Lamb Chops

      Cut in Any Size

    • Leg of Lamb

      Whole Leg or Boned Out

    • Lamb Lollipop Chops

      New Zealand


    • Pre Cooked Sausage

      2oz Patties or Links

    • Sausage Steaks

      Italian Sausage Cut in any Size

    • Andouille Sausage

      Available in Smoked or Regular

    • Hot Sausage

      Available Loose or in Patties

    • Breakfast Sausage

      Available Loose or in Patties


    • Bean and Bacon

      Spring Glen-Fresh

    • Beef Barley

      Spring Glen-Fresh

    • Beef Noodle

      Spring Glen-Fresh

    • Boston Clam Chowder

      Chef Francesco-Frozen

    • Chicken Corn

      Spring Glen-Fresh


    • 1 lb Bacon

      Hatfield or Smithfield

    • Pancetta

      Italian Style Bacon

    • Pre Cooked Bacon

      Available in Available in Strips or Round

    • Slab Bacon

      Available Rindless, Rind On and Sliced

    • Bacon

      16-18, 18-22, 20-22


    • Yellow and White American

      Precut 120 or 160

    • Bleu Cheese

      Crumbled or Wheel

    • Cheddar Cheese

      Available in White, yellow, shredded and spread.

    • Mozzarella

      Availabel shredded, in water or pie form

    • New York American Cheese

      Available in White, Yellow, precut and solid.


    • Eggs

      Large, Extra Large Loose Carton or Loose

    • Half and Half

      PC Creamers

    • Heavy Cream

      (12) 1 Quart Containers per Case

    • Butter

      Whipped Butter Cups, Chip, Quarters, Reddies, 1lb Solid, Whipped

    • Mustard and Ketchup

      Multiple Sizes and Packaging


    • Corn Beef

      Brisket or Round

    • Turkey

      Executive, Brown Top, Gourmet, Imperial or Smoked

    • Ham

      Black pepper, Tavern, Country Style, Hot,Chopped,Spiced.

    • Salami

      Cooked, Delusso, Hard, LaPerla, Lido, Magnifico

    • Bologna

      Beef and Loeffler Brand


    • Onion Rings

      Beer Battered, Homestyle, Steak Cut

    • Chicken Cordon Bleu

      Ham and Swiss Stuffed

    • Frozen Poultry

      Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Wings

    • Frozen Fish

      Flounder, Tilapia

    • Cornish Hens

      18 or 25

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